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The program grib2v5d converts the content of a GRIB file (a format used for exchanging meteorological model fields) into a file that can be viewed with Vis5d, a popular program for 3-D visualisation of meteorological fields. The vertical level types supported on input are sigma, eta (Mesinger), (some kind of) hybrid sigma/pressure, height and pressure. The fields can be interpolated, on output, at height levels (interpolation to pressure levels may be added in the future), or can be kept at the same levels as in input (this is especially useful for viewing data at model levels without the filter of interpolation). The horizontal grid should be regular lon/lat, either rotated or not; no horizontal interpolation is made since Vis5d supports directly this type of grid. The program is mainly written in fortran 90 and is derived from a previous version made by Paolo Patruno; it makes use of a Fortran77 library for managing access to grib files, a C library for reading and decoding grib and a C subroutine (modified from the one provided with Vis5d) for writing topography files. The program has been developed at ARPA-SIMC (Regional hydro-meteorological service of Emilia Romagna, Italy) in the framework of the COSMO (Consortium for Small scale MOdelling) consortium which includes, among its participants, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Ruassian and Swiss meteorological Services.


Grib2v5d version 2.5 has been released, it has no new features but mainly bug fixes and a GNU-autotools build system that makes it much easier to build, also reducing the external dependencies.

On-line Documentation

The documentation for Grib2v5d (almost completely up-to-date) in html format is available on this site


I have released readglobe, a converter for topographic data from the global 1 Km elevation dataset Globe (available at NOAA) to the Vis5d topography format. You can download the sources at sourceforge.


You can download Grib2v5d at sourceforge.
Remember also to download the required package picogrib.
The grib_util package is required only for older versions of grib2v5d, starting from version 2.5 it is not required anymore.


  Enjoy your gribs on Vis5d!

Davide Cesari, ARPA-SIMC, Viale Silvani 6, 40122 Bologna, Italy
e-mail: cesari <at> users <dot> sf <dot> net