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Installing and compiling

The grib2v5d package requires that vis5d and the picogrib and grib_util libraries (provided by ARPA-SMR) be already installed. You can download these libraries from SourceForge following the links at the URLs
For more updated links see also the grib2v5d home page:

Installing Vis5d

In order to compile grib2v5d, Vis5d (or Vis5d+) sources should be correctly installed under the directory $VIS5D or $VIS5D/vis5d-last. If otherwise you have Vis5d+ binaries with libraries and header files installed, then the sources are not needed, provided the configure script can locate the Vis5d+ installation.

Installing grib libraries

Prior to installing the libraries you should define in your .profile or similar file a UNIX environment variable $USOHOME pointing to the directory where the libraries will be installed (and where grib2v5d will look for them) and create the directory $USOHOME/lib. You can then extract the libraries tar archives and build them with the commands
gzip -c gributil.tar.gz | tar xvf -; cd gributil; make
gzip -c picogrib.tar.gz | tar xvf -; cd picogrib; make;
if all goes the right way you should have your libraries picogrib.a and grib_util.a in the directory $USOHOME/lib.

Building grib2v5d

Extract the tar archive grib2v5d.tar and enter the newly created directory grib2v5d. Since version 2 of grib2v5d an autoconfiguration script has been created, dealing with most of the system-dependent problems you may encounter. However you may still have to modify something in the file Configure.set according to the instructions inside it, in particular, if you have Vis5d+ correctly installed, you should unset the environment variable $VIS5D in order to link with the installed libraries, unless you want to compile the Vis5d sources required in grib2v5d and link them statically. Moreover, if your operating system is not one of those that have already been tested with the configuration script, you may have to create a configure.`uname` file based on configure.template, containing OS-specific compiler invocation, command line parameters, etc. Type then ./configure to perform the configuration: a Make.set file will be created to be included by the makefiles; type make to build the grib2v5d executable and, optionally, make install to install grib2v5d executable and documentation. The autoconfiguration procedure has been tested under AIX-IBM, OSF-Alpha, Linux-i386, Irix-SGI and SUNOS; options for other Unix flavours from users are welcome.

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